1) On request of parents :

Though withdrawl of the students before completion of std. XII is not permitted, but if the parents still wish to withdraw their child for any reason, a written request is to be made by registered post or by hand , at least one month in advance. In that case even the parents will have to pay complete fees for the current year.

2) School authorities can expel the students in following cases :

i) On disciplinary grounds : Being a military school discipline has the top priority. Hence , school authorities reserve the right to expel or to ask for the withdrawl of a students in case –

a) He fails to maintain the discipline and his influence is considered damaging for other students.
b) He leaves the school premises without proper permission.
c) He is involved in the malpractices in the examinations.
d) He fails to adjust with the school routine.

ii) On Medical Ground :

a) Being a military school students have to undergo a tough physical training for which strong physic is needed. If a student is found to be unable for such training he may be withdrawn.
b) Student may also be withdrawn if his sickness is harmful to other students.