‘Sanmitra Mandal’ is recognized as one of the well reputed socio-cultural organization of Chandrapur district catering to the needs of the people of this backward region. In its sincere efforts to near its goal of “losZ∙fi lqf[ku% lUrq ”, this organization has provided its voluntary services to the society when and where needed. In this march of providing cultural, medical, health and educational facilities to all the segments of the society, the Sanmitra Mandal is playing a vital role and contributing to the development of the region since last 70 years.

Maharsahtra leads other states in a number of developmental fields. But it is lagging behind in terms of the number of persons joining military forces. Govt. of Maharashtra thought seriously over this fact and declared a scheme of establishing a military school in each district and appealed the NGO’s to run such schools. Sanmitra Mandal who regards education as a process of integrated development of an individual’s physical, intellectual and social aspects , took the challenge and after the permission from the Govt. of Maharashtra started “Sanmitra Sainiki Vidyalaya”, a purely residential school for boys from 30th July 1996.